Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Contest and Games

Here are the list of contest and its rules

Cosplay Contest
Anime Singing Contest
Eating Contest
Voice Acting Contest on stage

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Eating Contest
5 participants will be selected and will battle an eating contest on stage.
The fastest and 1st person to finish the food will win.
Not sure if we will do it in "blind fold"

 Voice Acting Contest
Be an anime voice actor for a day!
participants will be selected on the spot as our friends and voice dubbers from Creative Voices Productions will conduct the contest for everyone.

Anime Singing Contest
Open to all ages.
Participants must sing their favorite anime theme songs. All participants must bring their own music CD at the event.

Cosplay Contest
1. Cosplay is open to all ( Kids, Teens and Adults)
2. Cosplay should be in Anime, Manga, Comics, TV, Movie Video Game, Toy characters
3. Cosplay event will be held on September 27, 2009 at the event of Enchanted Kingdom, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Cosplay catwalk and presentation will start at 5:00pm at the Band stand.

4. Claim your entry number at the main entrance of band stand at 3:00pm. Every contest participants should be inside the area, 30 mins. before 5:00pm.

6.The event is a general patronage event, we don't allow cosplay models on stage acting some inappropriate presentation of their costume and character. Meaning no NUDITY, no Kissing, no sexual acting, we prohibit all of these presentations, and all organizers has the right to disqualify and remove the cosplay model off the stage.

7. Costume props, weapons and effects should not be harmful to anyone. We don't allow real life weapons like guns, knives, sword, katanas or anything that is sharp and bladed real life weapon. We allow only replicas and custom made props. Pyrotechnic props are also strictly prohibited at the event.

8. The organizers are not responsible for damage and injury to the cosplay models, we allow the participants to have their own assistant during the cosplay contest and preparation, but we don't allow the assistant catwalking on stage with the cosplay models. But we advise that all must be responsible in using their weapons props before, during and after the contest.

We will provide a dressing room with security and marshalls guarding the dressing room and storage area, But the organizers are not responsible for any loss of items and props.

9. A registered cosplay participants agrees to follow all rules of the contest and also allow the public, press and media the authority to take photos and videos of all participants. The organizers has the right to document the whole contest proper and its participants in photos and video to be use in advertising and promotions of future events.

Individual Cosplay Rules
1. NO entry limit for the individual category
2. All must place their entry into the appropriate category, our contest marshals will assist you in what category your cosplay entry will be.
3. Cosplay models' catwalk will start at 5:00PM of September 27, 2009. We advise that all models should be ready an hour before the catwalk. Our marshalls will assist you and we will announce it on stage for everyone.
4. Cosplay models will be given number tags that must be worn at all times during the catwalk presentation.

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