Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Otaku Kingdom 2009 - big thanks to all!

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anime otakus of all sizes and shapes at Otaku Kingdom 2009 (Philippines)

I’m very happy that the Otaku Kingdom 2009 at Enchanted Kingdom is a success and glad that everyone enjoyed the event. Thanks to everyone for always being there and supportive in all events that I’m involved. I prayed to God a few days ago and wished for a great sunny Sunday, but even that we experienced a 30 minute down pour at the event, I’m still thankful that we are not that too wet and still see the great master Sun is back and made the event more enjoyable and unforgettable. Many people say that we transformed EK into our local version of Disneyland.

I remember that it was so stressful during the time when Typhoon Ondoy hit us a day before the event, I’m glad that the typhoon occurs on a Saturday and not on our Sunday event, so it got me a lot of time and energy to announce that the event is postponed and move it into a new date with the fans and otaku fanatics’ request to move it on a later date. I’m very happy that the otaku, Japanese, anime, manga, and cosplay community are very supportive for this event, and thanks for their repost, reblog, retwit, replurk of my information and announcement about the event to their all social media networks. In this way, we saw that many are very cooperative and contributing their extra time in promoting and helping out for the event, this years’ Otaku Kingdom is much more better than OtakonEK 2008, even that we don’t have the booth merchandising venue, we still enjoyed more on visiting some attractions and rides at Enchanted Kingdom. The bayanihan thing occurs everywhere not only in helping our fellow friends who are victim of the typhoon and flood, but also in helping the event to get its shape back and energy.

photo by Otaku-Kingdom-2009-136
I’m very thankful to the admin and staff of Enchanted Kingdom for bringing the event back to its normal way and interest in having a big playground again for all of us otakus. All sizes and shapes of anime fans, in cosplay or not, are there at the event having fun and meet new otakus from all over the metro and outside the city. We showed once again to the world another great event and anime-cosplay-convention type inside a world class theme park that is only at Enchanted Kingdom. I am now more excited on the coming year as we will continue to build up more relationship to fellow otakus and non otakus in having fun and great experience inside a big venue of the theme park. 218 just confirmed to visit the event, all are Cosplayers, but according to EK admin, that we have 70 percent of the pre-registered Cosplayers went to the event, and a number of 110 cosplayer walk ins registered for the event. I met lots of new Cosplayers and bands, and I’m very impressed that the Japanese pop and cosplay culture is rapidly changing and improving. I really like the generation of this year and happy that all are well, safe, and an event that we must remember always. Sorry that I need to blog this right away, and I’m still having a big hang over. Congratulations to everyone who made it! And this time you can tell that you survived and experienced a magical moments at Otaku Kingdom 2009.

photo by z3ll Otaku-Kingdom-2009-63
thanks to my hard working friends and staff who helped me at the event namely Creative Voices Productions, Society of Young Voice Artist of the Philippines, Juujiro J Culture Association, Anime Alliance Philippines, all friends in the blogging community, cosplay community, multiply networks, blog networks, facebook networks and micro blog networks. That’s it… this is it… see you all on Otaku Kingdom 2010.

more photo coverage at





Mugen Toraku band, just discovered a great jrock-anime band and they play really awesome

SYVAP members now hosting the event

photo op after a long break at the band stand

the sun came back after spotting this 2 cosplay girls. Forgot the name of the red girl, but the blue girl is Alice in Wonderland.

head to head guitar jam, I think they are playing that guitar freaks music

the lovely and awesome blogger friends. Peter, Sire, Jori, Jen and Carl. the others were also
at the park but were busy taking pics and enjoying the rides.

making fun and play with that penguin cosplayer.

prod and tech staff Anime Alliance Philippines members at the registration booth, wow they are wearing our toycon shirts.

Eldar the wizard and a princess started the grand parade

with some dinos...

marching band

and cosplayers..

mardi gras girls

giant puppets

and walking Gundam robots... its funny that some people say they saw Daimos in EK.

Anime rock Woodstock is a success..hope I can organize more music events here in Manila.

Ikuso iwa rocks the stage.

one of the pic from the iconic and epic grand cosplay group photo op

hunter x hunter team

Ayumi sings Fuwa Fuwa time and wins 1st place at the anime singing contest

Richard Burgos on stage hosting the 2 week leg of the national fireworks competition at EK

music and dance number after the fireworks.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cosplay parade sched moved to 3:30pm

Cosplay Parade ( assembly infront of Space Shuttle)

visit our program sched here

Cosplayers guest list for free entrance

hi everyone!

You can look for your name here at COSPLAYERS NAMES
the name listed here in our spreadsheet are the people who pre-registered for the event, they are entitled for a free entrance at the park. Proceed to the main gate and ticket booth infront of the park to get your ticket. Pls. bring a valid ID or any form of identification. And also don't forget to bring or wear your costume.

If your name is not listed or you haven't pre-register before Oct 16, don't worry. Because we are opening our doors to all otakus in cosplay, just register at the ticket booth, sign your name and get your free ticket.

For those who wish to upgrade their ticket to get the ride all you can pass, just inform the ticket booth personel so that they can help you upgrade your ticket.

Comfort room is located nearby, you can use it in changing your clothes and costume. There are many comfort room inside the park, just proceed there after entering and wear your otaku get up. Remember that we should obey all rounds and regulation of the park, EK admins and staff has the right to refuse and police everyone for some bad behavior. Let's have fun and enjoy the celebration of being an otaku!

see you tomorrow at Otaku Kingdom in Enchanted Kingdom

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

218 is the magic number for Otakingdom

The image “http://images.z3ll.multiply.com/image/10/photos/162/500x500/143/DSC-0152.JPG?et=DGirb5PrdtmAKOxnkbXAXw&nmid=117666452” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
photos by Z3LL

Today, October 15, 2009 at 9:30am, we have a total of 218 cosplayers who just signed up and now entitled for a free entrance at Enchanted Kingdom for a big celebration and party of all otakus in size, shape and look for the 2nd annual cosplay and otaku event called Otaku Kingdom 2009.

We are still accepting pre-registration of cosplayers and last email notification of your participation will be sent this Friday night, also our pre-registration will be closed on Friday at 11 pm. Just to give way our team to handle the production before the main event. But don't worry, you can still join us by going to the park in your cosplay attire and register there on site.

I have posted some details about entrance fees and promos. just read it here

Also watch out for our local anime rock bands that will perform at the band stage for the whole day the Anime Rock Woodstock will start once gate opens and will end before the fireworks schedule at 8pm.

here are our band line up

Ki iro Neko
Molded Sushi
Onigir Infusion
Konata Fans club
Ikuso Iwa
Rakuen Science
Harakiri Jiro
Mizu Gakuen
Mugen Toraku

Big thanks also to our mighty event team up of Creative Voices Productions, Juujiro J Culture and Anime Alliance Philippines ... and also the rest of people in plurk and multiply for helping us promoting and the production of this event.

Enchanted Kingdom is also celebrating its 14th anniversary, so expect lots of gimiks, new attractions, shows and games through out the event. To know more about the 14th anniversary line up, pls read it here at http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/2009/10/enchanted-kingdom-celebrates-14th-year.html

Let's pray and hope that we have a good Sunny Day Sunday on October 18. But for now let's do a sun dance to move away that rain.

See you all at Otaku Kingdom ( October 18, 2009)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Otakingdom power up !!!!!

The image “http://images.strangersheart.multiply.com/image/7/photos/207/500x500/52/DSC09758.jpg?et=uI0wYijTGABf7%2C8aboifTg&nmid=118300623” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
(photo by Homer )

hey otakus! it's almost 7 days before the main big event, and I just want to update everyone that we are now gearing up for the Otaku Kingdom 2009. Preparation and pre-production of the event just started and I like to heat up the event just like last month. I just hope that everyone is okay and safe after the Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. Relief operation and donation drive is still active in Enchanted Kingdom, Bring them to EK Guest Relations office located at the front gate. For further details you can call (632) 843-6074 to 78. 0917-5313776.

SAVE THE DATE! --> October 18, 2009 is our main event, don't ever forget the date, we will be waiting at Enchanted Kingdom and hope to see you in your cosplay or costume. Remember that Costume beings will be allowed to enter the park for free and have an free all ride at the carousel, but if you want to upgrade your ticket for a ride all you can pass, all you need to do is pay a Php 250 at the counter and get that ticket upgrade. We want to see anime otakus in costume riding the Anchor's Away and Flying Fiesta.

But if you are not in costume or don't have a costume, then you still have a chance to enter the park by paying the entrance fee. For regular pass that's Php 500 all details can be found in http://enchantedkingdom.com.ph/ticketinfo.htm

But if you are a student and have a valid school ID, then you are qualified for the "Student Sembreak Blowout". Read the details below.

Student Sembreak, Anniversary Blowout

Promo period: 01 October – 15 November 2009

  1. A special offer on Regular Day Pass:
    • Weekday – Php275.00
    • Weekend – Php335.00
  2. Student Sembreak, Anniversary Blowout is open to all students with this school year’s valid ID. A certificate of registration/matriculation may be presented in the absence of the ID.
  3. Ticket purchased comes with a Pepsi in Can which may be claimed at any Food Outlets/Carts/Kiosks inside the Park.
  4. Promo is available at the Makati Sales Office, Group Sales Office and Front Gate Ticket Booths.
  5. Tickets will be Good Same Day if purchased in Santa Rosa. Tickets purchased in Makati Sales Office will be Good Any Day valid until promo duration.
  6. Exclusive for students, a maximum of 2 tickets can be purchased per ID/day.
  7. Expired tickets may be upgraded to regular EK Day Pass tickets subject to payment of rate difference.
  8. Promo period from 01 October – 15 November 2009.
  9. Per DTI Permit No. S-09-325 series of 2009.
  10. This promotion is not applicable to Accredited Agents/Tour Operators

but wait there's more info on entrance fee.

If you have a guardian or parent with you that will do a role in accompanying you at the event, then don't worry because entrance fee is only P150, that entitles you to enter the park for free.

more information on tickets pricing and promo at http://enchantedkingdom.com.ph/ticketinfo.htm


For cosplayers who just submitted their online registration. Expect an update and email confirmation of your application this coming Monday evening.

I'm excited already, and I hope you are too...
so see you this Sunday!!

Otakingdom power up!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OCTOBER 18, 2009 - OTAKINGDOM event new schedule

It is now final and confirmed.
thanks to Enchanted Kingdom for allowing us to move the date on October 18, 2009.

Pre-registration for cosplay is still open.
Contest and activities are open for everyone.

Although that the Eldar's tent is booked in the entire month til November, we won't be having collectible booth bazaars and exhibits. But its okay, fun will never stop when you are at Otaku Kingdom 2009 at Enchanted Kingdom.

See you there and always stay safe.

Enchanted Kingdom is now a drop-off point for your In-KIND donations for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy

You can now drop-off your In-KIND donations for victims of Typhoon Ondoy at ENCHANTED KINGDOM. Bring them to EK Guest Relations office located at the front gate. For further details you can call (632) 843-6074 to 78. 0917-5313776

The Red Cross Laguna chapter will be the one to pick-up the donations

From Carol Lee via Facebook

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Otakingdom event survey - event moved to October 11 or 18, Sunday ??

game or no game?

pls post interest here.so that I can propose it to EK that the Otakingdom event be moved on a later date - Oct 11 or 18, 2009 which is also a Sunday.  I'm trying also to organize a donation drive at the event for the flood victims.

you see tha tI'm very not comfortable having the event on Oct 3, Saturday as everyone is still in the state of recovery.

comments posted will be appreciated.


discussion at http://popazrael.multiply.com/journal/item/2591/Otakingdom_event_survey_-_event_moved_to_October_11_Sunday

Friday, September 25, 2009

Otakingdom advisory : event will be resched on October 3


Due to bad weather condition, Otaku Kingdom event @ Enchanted Kingdom will be resched tentatively on October 3, 2009. pls repost. tnx

updates and announcement will be also be posted at  http://otakingdom.blogspot.com/
and to all Social media networks.

short annoucement about the weather and event

hi everyone.

weather is bad today, and EK is closed today (Saturday) due to heavy rains.
I'm waiting for an official decision from EK, that the event be moved
to next Sunday.

will email as soon as I received their announcement.

(image source : PAGASA)

message for the 160 - Otakingdom

see you everyone this sunday..
alam ko malakas na ang ulan at bagyo..pero i have a big feeling wala
na yan ulan sa sunday.

ok..here are the instructions to enter the park

1. If you are a pre-registered cosplayer from our website, go to the
main ticket area infront of the park entrance
2. claim your ticket after verifying your name under our pre-
registered list
3. there's a cr near the ticket area, and its up to you if you want to
change clothes before entering, but there are many cr inside and you
may change clothes after entering
4. for those who haven't pre-registered online, they can still enter
the park for free, just go to the ticket area and get your ticket to
enter for free.
5. remember that costumes or in cosplay is the ticket here to enter
(anime, comics, tv, movies, jpop, lolita, mech..etc...) (we do not
allow costumes that shows nudity and gore features)

so ayun..

kita kits sa Otakingdom!

btw, we have reached 160 cosplayers.. as of today

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Contest and Games

Here are the list of contest and its rules

Cosplay Contest
Anime Singing Contest
Eating Contest
Voice Acting Contest on stage

Read more here!

Program Schedule

Read more below to see the program schedule of Otaku Kingdom.
Band performance, Cosplay parade, group photo op, Cosplay contest, stage contest, fireworks display, dance peformance and more...

Schedules might subject to change

Read more here!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Come in your best “Otaku” costume and enter the Park for FREE!

Enchanted Kingdom brings exciting and fun-filled treats for all animé, manga and video game fanatics with Otaku Kingdom on September 27, 2009! Come in your best “Otaku” costume and enter the Park for FREE!

1. This promo is open to all Guests in Otaku costume who will visit the EK Park on September 27, 2009 (Sunday) or who will pre-register online for the promo.
2. Guest wearing an “otaku” costume of a character from Animation, Comics, Toys, Gaming, TV, or Movie, may enter the Sta. Rosa Park for FREE. Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly animé, manga and video games.
3. Tickets are upgradeable to Regular Day Pass subject to Php 250 upgrading fee.
4. To pre-register online, cosplayers must fill out the registration form at www.otakingdom.blogspot.com before the event.
5. To register at the park on September 27, 2009, cosplayers need to approach the registration area at the Park Gate near the Group Sales Office. Registration is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
6. Enchanted Kingdom reserves the right to refuse free entrance to those who do not meet the above criterion and those who do not meet the Park’s standard for wholesome and safe entertainment.
7. The promo is valid on September 27, 2009 only.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


After last year’s successful “OtakonEK” at Enchanted Kingdom, the country’s first and only world-class theme park proudly presents “Otaku Kingdom”.

“Otaku” is the Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga and video games.

Slated on September 27, 2009, “Otaku Kingdom” will gather animé, manga enthusiasts, movie & toy hobbyists and cosplayers with the thrilling rides and attractions of Enchanted Kingdom serving as the colourful backdrop for this spectacular event.

Guests wearing a full otaku costume can enter the park for FREE with a Carousel Special Pass.  Tickets can be upgraded to Regular Day Pass for a fee of P250.  A registration area will be available at the Park’s Front Gate on September 27 from 10:00AM to 5:00PM.  You may also pre-register at www.otakingdom.blogspot.com.

Other events lined up for the day are toy & manga exhibits, film showings, drawing & gaming contests, animé bands, Woodstock, the much-awaited grand cosplay contest and parade in the afternoon.

Enchanted Kingdom is turning 14 this October!  Elimination rounds for the Fireworks Competition will be on October 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 and 18 with the astounding Grand Fireworks Wizardry Finals on October 24.  The skies of Santa Rosa, Laguna will be all aglow during the Anniversary Night!

Come to Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you! From September 3 up to December 18, we are open from Thursdays to Fridays from 12NN to 7PM. and Saturdays to Sundays from 11AM to 9PM with Fireworks Display at 8PM. Enchanted Kingdom is located at the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna. For more information you may visit www.enchantedkingdom.com.ph or call 843-6074 to 76 or 830-2111 to 16.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

site under construction

visit the site again on sept 14, 2009
for the full launch of the event

Friday, September 11, 2009



Saturday, August 1, 2009

Contact Us

Cosplay Pre-Registration

Join us at the Otaku Kingdom in Enchanted Kingdom.

All Cosplayers who registered online will be pre-selected and is entitled to a FREE entrance with Carousel special pass only at Enchanted Kingdom's event on September 27, 2009.

All approved cosplay models who pre-registered online will be notified via email before
the event.

Fill up and complete this form, if you are interested in joining the event and also the contest.

Don't forget to include an image or photo web url and link of yourself in costume.

Online Registration will close on September 25, 2009 at 5:00pm

for other inquiries or questions, feel free to email us at otakingdom@gmail.com

for details of the event visit otakingdom.blogspot.com

Categories to cosplay
* take note
1. Transportation going to Enchanted Kingdom and going back to Manila is not provided
2. Free entrance will entitled you to a carousel ride only. Upgrade your free entrance ticket by availing the regular day pass ( ride all you can ticket) for only Php250.