Friday, October 16, 2009

Cosplay parade sched moved to 3:30pm

Cosplay Parade ( assembly infront of Space Shuttle)

visit our program sched here

Cosplayers guest list for free entrance

hi everyone!

You can look for your name here at COSPLAYERS NAMES
the name listed here in our spreadsheet are the people who pre-registered for the event, they are entitled for a free entrance at the park. Proceed to the main gate and ticket booth infront of the park to get your ticket. Pls. bring a valid ID or any form of identification. And also don't forget to bring or wear your costume.

If your name is not listed or you haven't pre-register before Oct 16, don't worry. Because we are opening our doors to all otakus in cosplay, just register at the ticket booth, sign your name and get your free ticket.

For those who wish to upgrade their ticket to get the ride all you can pass, just inform the ticket booth personel so that they can help you upgrade your ticket.

Comfort room is located nearby, you can use it in changing your clothes and costume. There are many comfort room inside the park, just proceed there after entering and wear your otaku get up. Remember that we should obey all rounds and regulation of the park, EK admins and staff has the right to refuse and police everyone for some bad behavior. Let's have fun and enjoy the celebration of being an otaku!

see you tomorrow at Otaku Kingdom in Enchanted Kingdom

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

218 is the magic number for Otakingdom

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photos by Z3LL

Today, October 15, 2009 at 9:30am, we have a total of 218 cosplayers who just signed up and now entitled for a free entrance at Enchanted Kingdom for a big celebration and party of all otakus in size, shape and look for the 2nd annual cosplay and otaku event called Otaku Kingdom 2009.

We are still accepting pre-registration of cosplayers and last email notification of your participation will be sent this Friday night, also our pre-registration will be closed on Friday at 11 pm. Just to give way our team to handle the production before the main event. But don't worry, you can still join us by going to the park in your cosplay attire and register there on site.

I have posted some details about entrance fees and promos. just read it here

Also watch out for our local anime rock bands that will perform at the band stage for the whole day the Anime Rock Woodstock will start once gate opens and will end before the fireworks schedule at 8pm.

here are our band line up

Ki iro Neko
Molded Sushi
Onigir Infusion
Konata Fans club
Ikuso Iwa
Rakuen Science
Harakiri Jiro
Mizu Gakuen
Mugen Toraku

Big thanks also to our mighty event team up of Creative Voices Productions, Juujiro J Culture and Anime Alliance Philippines ... and also the rest of people in plurk and multiply for helping us promoting and the production of this event.

Enchanted Kingdom is also celebrating its 14th anniversary, so expect lots of gimiks, new attractions, shows and games through out the event. To know more about the 14th anniversary line up, pls read it here at

Let's pray and hope that we have a good Sunny Day Sunday on October 18. But for now let's do a sun dance to move away that rain.

See you all at Otaku Kingdom ( October 18, 2009)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Otakingdom power up !!!!!

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(photo by Homer )

hey otakus! it's almost 7 days before the main big event, and I just want to update everyone that we are now gearing up for the Otaku Kingdom 2009. Preparation and pre-production of the event just started and I like to heat up the event just like last month. I just hope that everyone is okay and safe after the Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. Relief operation and donation drive is still active in Enchanted Kingdom, Bring them to EK Guest Relations office located at the front gate. For further details you can call (632) 843-6074 to 78. 0917-5313776.

SAVE THE DATE! --> October 18, 2009 is our main event, don't ever forget the date, we will be waiting at Enchanted Kingdom and hope to see you in your cosplay or costume. Remember that Costume beings will be allowed to enter the park for free and have an free all ride at the carousel, but if you want to upgrade your ticket for a ride all you can pass, all you need to do is pay a Php 250 at the counter and get that ticket upgrade. We want to see anime otakus in costume riding the Anchor's Away and Flying Fiesta.

But if you are not in costume or don't have a costume, then you still have a chance to enter the park by paying the entrance fee. For regular pass that's Php 500 all details can be found in

But if you are a student and have a valid school ID, then you are qualified for the "Student Sembreak Blowout". Read the details below.

Student Sembreak, Anniversary Blowout

Promo period: 01 October – 15 November 2009

  1. A special offer on Regular Day Pass:
    • Weekday – Php275.00
    • Weekend – Php335.00
  2. Student Sembreak, Anniversary Blowout is open to all students with this school year’s valid ID. A certificate of registration/matriculation may be presented in the absence of the ID.
  3. Ticket purchased comes with a Pepsi in Can which may be claimed at any Food Outlets/Carts/Kiosks inside the Park.
  4. Promo is available at the Makati Sales Office, Group Sales Office and Front Gate Ticket Booths.
  5. Tickets will be Good Same Day if purchased in Santa Rosa. Tickets purchased in Makati Sales Office will be Good Any Day valid until promo duration.
  6. Exclusive for students, a maximum of 2 tickets can be purchased per ID/day.
  7. Expired tickets may be upgraded to regular EK Day Pass tickets subject to payment of rate difference.
  8. Promo period from 01 October – 15 November 2009.
  9. Per DTI Permit No. S-09-325 series of 2009.
  10. This promotion is not applicable to Accredited Agents/Tour Operators

but wait there's more info on entrance fee.

If you have a guardian or parent with you that will do a role in accompanying you at the event, then don't worry because entrance fee is only P150, that entitles you to enter the park for free.

more information on tickets pricing and promo at


For cosplayers who just submitted their online registration. Expect an update and email confirmation of your application this coming Monday evening.

I'm excited already, and I hope you are too...
so see you this Sunday!!

Otakingdom power up!!!!