Friday, September 25, 2009

message for the 160 - Otakingdom

see you everyone this sunday..
alam ko malakas na ang ulan at bagyo..pero i have a big feeling wala
na yan ulan sa sunday. are the instructions to enter the park

1. If you are a pre-registered cosplayer from our website, go to the
main ticket area infront of the park entrance
2. claim your ticket after verifying your name under our pre-
registered list
3. there's a cr near the ticket area, and its up to you if you want to
change clothes before entering, but there are many cr inside and you
may change clothes after entering
4. for those who haven't pre-registered online, they can still enter
the park for free, just go to the ticket area and get your ticket to
enter for free.
5. remember that costumes or in cosplay is the ticket here to enter
(anime, comics, tv, movies, jpop, lolita, mech..etc...) (we do not
allow costumes that shows nudity and gore features)

so ayun..

kita kits sa Otakingdom!

btw, we have reached 160 cosplayers.. as of today

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