Friday, October 16, 2009

Cosplayers guest list for free entrance

hi everyone!

You can look for your name here at COSPLAYERS NAMES
the name listed here in our spreadsheet are the people who pre-registered for the event, they are entitled for a free entrance at the park. Proceed to the main gate and ticket booth infront of the park to get your ticket. Pls. bring a valid ID or any form of identification. And also don't forget to bring or wear your costume.

If your name is not listed or you haven't pre-register before Oct 16, don't worry. Because we are opening our doors to all otakus in cosplay, just register at the ticket booth, sign your name and get your free ticket.

For those who wish to upgrade their ticket to get the ride all you can pass, just inform the ticket booth personel so that they can help you upgrade your ticket.

Comfort room is located nearby, you can use it in changing your clothes and costume. There are many comfort room inside the park, just proceed there after entering and wear your otaku get up. Remember that we should obey all rounds and regulation of the park, EK admins and staff has the right to refuse and police everyone for some bad behavior. Let's have fun and enjoy the celebration of being an otaku!

see you tomorrow at Otaku Kingdom in Enchanted Kingdom

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