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Otaku Kingdom 2009 - big thanks to all!

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anime otakus of all sizes and shapes at Otaku Kingdom 2009 (Philippines)

I’m very happy that the Otaku Kingdom 2009 at Enchanted Kingdom is a success and glad that everyone enjoyed the event. Thanks to everyone for always being there and supportive in all events that I’m involved. I prayed to God a few days ago and wished for a great sunny Sunday, but even that we experienced a 30 minute down pour at the event, I’m still thankful that we are not that too wet and still see the great master Sun is back and made the event more enjoyable and unforgettable. Many people say that we transformed EK into our local version of Disneyland.

I remember that it was so stressful during the time when Typhoon Ondoy hit us a day before the event, I’m glad that the typhoon occurs on a Saturday and not on our Sunday event, so it got me a lot of time and energy to announce that the event is postponed and move it into a new date with the fans and otaku fanatics’ request to move it on a later date. I’m very happy that the otaku, Japanese, anime, manga, and cosplay community are very supportive for this event, and thanks for their repost, reblog, retwit, replurk of my information and announcement about the event to their all social media networks. In this way, we saw that many are very cooperative and contributing their extra time in promoting and helping out for the event, this years’ Otaku Kingdom is much more better than OtakonEK 2008, even that we don’t have the booth merchandising venue, we still enjoyed more on visiting some attractions and rides at Enchanted Kingdom. The bayanihan thing occurs everywhere not only in helping our fellow friends who are victim of the typhoon and flood, but also in helping the event to get its shape back and energy.

photo by Otaku-Kingdom-2009-136
I’m very thankful to the admin and staff of Enchanted Kingdom for bringing the event back to its normal way and interest in having a big playground again for all of us otakus. All sizes and shapes of anime fans, in cosplay or not, are there at the event having fun and meet new otakus from all over the metro and outside the city. We showed once again to the world another great event and anime-cosplay-convention type inside a world class theme park that is only at Enchanted Kingdom. I am now more excited on the coming year as we will continue to build up more relationship to fellow otakus and non otakus in having fun and great experience inside a big venue of the theme park. 218 just confirmed to visit the event, all are Cosplayers, but according to EK admin, that we have 70 percent of the pre-registered Cosplayers went to the event, and a number of 110 cosplayer walk ins registered for the event. I met lots of new Cosplayers and bands, and I’m very impressed that the Japanese pop and cosplay culture is rapidly changing and improving. I really like the generation of this year and happy that all are well, safe, and an event that we must remember always. Sorry that I need to blog this right away, and I’m still having a big hang over. Congratulations to everyone who made it! And this time you can tell that you survived and experienced a magical moments at Otaku Kingdom 2009.

photo by z3ll Otaku-Kingdom-2009-63
thanks to my hard working friends and staff who helped me at the event namely Creative Voices Productions, Society of Young Voice Artist of the Philippines, Juujiro J Culture Association, Anime Alliance Philippines, all friends in the blogging community, cosplay community, multiply networks, blog networks, facebook networks and micro blog networks. That’s it… this is it… see you all on Otaku Kingdom 2010.

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Mugen Toraku band, just discovered a great jrock-anime band and they play really awesome

SYVAP members now hosting the event

photo op after a long break at the band stand

the sun came back after spotting this 2 cosplay girls. Forgot the name of the red girl, but the blue girl is Alice in Wonderland.

head to head guitar jam, I think they are playing that guitar freaks music

the lovely and awesome blogger friends. Peter, Sire, Jori, Jen and Carl. the others were also
at the park but were busy taking pics and enjoying the rides.

making fun and play with that penguin cosplayer.

prod and tech staff Anime Alliance Philippines members at the registration booth, wow they are wearing our toycon shirts.

Eldar the wizard and a princess started the grand parade

with some dinos...

marching band

and cosplayers..

mardi gras girls

giant puppets

and walking Gundam robots... its funny that some people say they saw Daimos in EK.

Anime rock Woodstock is a success..hope I can organize more music events here in Manila.

Ikuso iwa rocks the stage.

one of the pic from the iconic and epic grand cosplay group photo op

hunter x hunter team

Ayumi sings Fuwa Fuwa time and wins 1st place at the anime singing contest

Richard Burgos on stage hosting the 2 week leg of the national fireworks competition at EK

music and dance number after the fireworks.

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